Who is this Sylvia Frost you speak of?

Hello there! My name’s Sylvia Frost and I’m a USA Today Best-Selling writer of steamy paranormal romance. At least that’s what the first line of bio says. 😉 The truth is I’m a little more multi-faceted than that. I make most of my living designing book covers for some of your favorite paranormal romance authors like Tasha Black, Viola Rivard, V.M Black, Elle Thorne, Carina Wilder and the list goes on. In my own writing I like to tell stories about women just as wounded, strong and complex as my dark and delicious heroes. But this is all kind of boring. If you come close I’ll tell you my deepest, darkest secret. Ready?

I’ve always liked vampires more than werewolves! I know, terrible right? But I’ve grown to love writing about shifters and all the nuance there is to explore. How about you? What’s your fiction secret?

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